How Can I Use Simple Gamification Strategies to Engage my Students?


Extract from Issue#16 of Teaching Tuesdays@CSU

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By Kristin Ziska, Instructional Designer, North Arizona University.

“Gamification is using game elements and mechanics in a non-game context.”

In this 17-minute presentation, Kristin Ziska draws together some basic strategies and ideas for using gamification to promote student learning. Its basic elements are: goals, competition, feedback, rewards; also points, levels and lots of failure!The three sections of this presentation are:
1. Preparing to gamify:

  • Keep playing games and analysing
  • Explore your content
  • Begin to think like a designer

2. Four strategies for gamification and an example of each:

  • Badging
  • Leader boards
  • Story-based approaches
  • Embrace the power of failure

3. Strategies to deal with failures in gamification:

  • Have a growth mindset
  • Elicit student input into design
  • Keep trying

More Gamification

Wisc-online allows you to explore games created by others and also to create your own at

Suggestion: try some examples of the “BeeKeeper” game in any topic where you think you know the answers. Then, try creating one yourself, based on your own content.