Three Strategies for Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences


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Student engagement in their own learning can be challenging to ensure. So what strategies do you use to engage your students? This week’s bulletin is the first in a series that will focus on teaching strategies that support the nine Dimensions of Teaching (Crisp et al., 2009 – see below).
Dimension 1: Students are actively engaged in learning.

Steven Meyers highlights three tested ways to keep students engaged.

Three Strategies for Creating Meaningful Learning Experiences

By Steven A. Meyers, PhD


Quote: Students are more likely to pay attention and be excited about your course when they view the class as relevant to themselves and connected to their interests.

In this short 820-word article, Dr Meyers highlights strategies that have stood the test of time, supported by references to the literature.

… Strategy 1: Assess early, assess often.

Build from what students know, build in what they need and want.

… Strategy 2: Let students get their feet wet.

Incorporate problem-based learning, authentic learning activities, service-learning and workplace learning, followed by reflection.

… Strategy 3: Welcome student input for your content and assignments.

Provide students with choice about what to learn and how to demonstrate achievement of subject learning outcomes.

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