One Practical Method to Incorporate Current Content


Extract from Issue#26 of Teaching Tuesdays@CSU

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This 45-minute webinar provides information on using Wikipedia in learning activities and assessments for students to create current content.

Engage and Empower Students by Using Wikipedia

By Greg Szczyrbak


The main content of this webinar provides background information about editing Wikipedia and the resources available to support teaching through the Wiki Education Classroom Program.

The Classroom program assists with

– Assignment design and management, with examples

– Course dashboard

– Timelines

– Student interface

Three Challenges with the Wikipedia approach

Sometimes feels enigmatic or arbitrary

  • Students can be upset if their edits are removed, but this can also be addressed as a learning opportunity

– Gender bias amongst editors

  • According to results of 2011 survey, only 10-12% of editors are women
  • There are Wiki projects to address this and other demographic biases

– Could easily become the focus of an entire course

  • Incorporation of Wikipedia editing learning activities and/or assignments requires consideration of subject design strategies

Three Benefits of the Wikipedia approach

– Accommodates a variety of learning objectives and subject areas

  • Development of writing skills
  • Development of visual literacy
  • Requires use of information literacy skills for research and citations
  • Can include development of marketable skills in Wiki markup language
  • Collaborative learning
  • Development of lifelong learning skills

– Not a “throw away” assignment

  • Ongoing accessible demonstration of learning

– Authentic real-world learning

  • For the benefit of the global community

QUOTE: So it’s pretty exciting and overwhelming, but students really seem to have good feelings about it. They feel that it’s meaningful and a good experience, if frustrating at times.

The supplementary material that accompanies this webinar includes case studies of Wikipedia learning activities in Argumentative Writing, Technical Communication, Ancient History, Latin American and Spanish American Studies, Spanish Language Immersion, Translation from French to Arabic, Nature Conservation, Regional Planning and Design, Advanced Media Studies, Chemistry, Writing 101, History of Design and Digital Media, Arab Culture and Politics, and US Political Studies.

These were centred around the key learning areas of Writing Skills Development, Media and Information Literacy, Critical Thinking and Research Skills, Collaboration, and Technical and Communication Skills.

Presentation handouts, full transcripts and supplementary resources are available for download from the Magna Commons website if you don’t have time to listen to the seminar.

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