Literacy Skills Support (7 x 5 minute videos)


Have you seen your students struggle with their reading load?  Do you suspect they are not learning as much as they could from lectures and videos?  Do you wish they understood the importance of making notes and reading critically?

Perhaps these short videos might help them to develop essential skills:

Critical reading                                                        

Reading resilience                                                   

Learning through listening                                     

Learning through video                                          

Effective note taking                                               

Essay Planning                                                        

Critical Thinking                                                      

Please consider supporting your students by simply adding links in your subject Interact2 site to one or more of these clips.  This will ensure your subject and course meet the ELLaN Policy requirements:

In the first stages of the course the explicit course-level focus will be on gathering ideas and information from careful and critical reading, listening and observing to ensure that students can engage with the wide variety of texts (traditional or digital) required, to build the conceptual and factual foundations of the discipline


In the middle stages of the course the explicit course-level focus will be on analysing, reasoning and producing well-argued and carefully constructed accounts of complex thinking; and where appropriate interpreting and using mathematics information and concepts to solve problems and communicate results

Although the videos are universally useful, we especially recommend that early, core subjects in each course encourage students to review the first five of these videos, and subjects in the middle stages of the course provide access to the last two.

As always, your ALLaN Faculty Liaison and I welcome any questions or further discussion.