Improving Online Learning and Teaching


Extract from Issue#24 of Teaching Tuesdays@CSU

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What can you do to improve your online learning and teaching?

By: Dr Lindy Croft-Piggin & Dr Sarah Hyde

CSU Division of Learning & Teaching

Source: Learning Online Unit: OLM Educator Hub

The OLM Evaluation Report examined the Phase 1 implementation of the CSU Online Learning Model (OLM) in 2016 and 2017. It revealed some really interesting findings about what online students’ value and how we can improve their learning experiences.

As a reminder, the seven elements of the OLM are:

Expanded information about each of these elements can be found on the CSU Online Learning Exchange.

What we found:

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Students think:

  • All OLM elements are important (80%)
  • We should record all online workshops and lectures with good audio quality (98%)
  • We should repeat online workshops (71%)
  • Online learning materials are excellent/good (80%)
  • 59% would like flexible commencement dates
  • Mobile access to learning resources is needed
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Where are the gaps?

What can we do as an institution?

  • Teaching staff need to be actively engaged in the process of implementing new pedagogical practices to improve student learning and need reassurance that the recommended strategies are based on evidence, will be supported, and will have a positive impact on student learning
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Teaching Staff can:

  • Use technology to enhance your presence
  • Be accessible and available
  • Respond actively to emails and forum posts
  • Facilitate online meetings
  • Engage in OLM workshops
  • Review the examples on the Learning Exchange (
  • Request support from Division of Learning & Teaching

Teaching Staff can provide:

  • Clear authentic tasks,
  • Interactive opportunities,
  • Prompt feedback
  • Quizzes and video support
  • Opportunities for students to interact with the professions

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