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Extract from Issue#36 of Teaching Tuesdays@CSU

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Preparing for your EDRS: Teaching Development Goals

Planning and setting goals for EDRS includes your Professional Learning and Teaching Development objectives. We are pleased to provide you with some resources that could help you:

  • articulate your objectives
  • plan how you may be able to achieve them
  • provide evidence of achieving your goals

Some concrete online resources are available for your self-paced Professional Development, including teaching tips and strategies, leadership development resources delivered through videos, articles, transcripts, and presentation slides, and evidenced through certificates of completion.

The Learning Academy, Division of Learning and Teaching has purchased access to Magna Commons and 20-Minute Mentor Commons from Magna Publications.

We also now have access to The Teaching Professor and Academic Leader publications.

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**These resources are only available to CSU staff and so subscription instructions cannot be published on publicly accessible publications.