Celebrating your teaching success


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Celebrating your teaching success may not be that easy!!!

We end 2018 on a high note by encouraging you to celebrate your teaching successes.

Articles abound on teachers celebrating success of their students and that is as it should be. Articles also abound on evaluating teaching success through evaluations of student success and feedback. Celebrating teacher success is not the same as reflective practice, although both are related. Celebrating teachers’ academic success includes teachers successfully gaining academic promotions and winning teaching awards and grants.

Where are the case studies and articles that help us to identify and celebrate our personal teaching triumphs?

I’m therefore requesting your contributions and feedback that share your successes. Is there literature that you are aware of? What have been your teaching successes for 2018? How are you celebrating your teaching successes? Forward your contributions to Ellen McIntyre, elmcintyre@csu.edu.au.

Here’s help from the world of Google …

Without Celebration, We Wither Away

By Rob Hopkins, Chris Johnstone

Source: www.resilience.org

Pausing to celebrate

  • helps you to realise the progress you’ve made and remember the reason you do what you do
  • helps to maintain enthusiasm and prevent burnout

Ways to celebrate

  • you can celebrate on your own
  • it’s better to celebrate with others – social bonding and relationship building
  • share good news
  • know what it is you are celebrating about
  • make the celebration something meaningful
  • think of celebrations in the past that you liked, and build from there

Why celebrate?
  • respond positively to the good news of others
  • celebrate the small successes, not just the big ones
  • celebrate the effort as well as the positive outcomes
  • be grateful
  • show appreciation to colleagues
  • celebrate achievements so far, rather than being demoralised by the work still to be done

How to celebrate

Well, that’s really up to you …

  • throw a party
  • pamper yourself
  • take a holiday
  • go out to dinner

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Words of encouragement and struggle


This list of teaching challenges

“…encourages us to consider those aspects of teaching that make it an intensely human endeavor; to acknowledge the failures and struggles, and to learn from them. Isn’t that one of most important lessons we teach our students? As lifelong learners, shouldn’t it apply to us, too?