Get Engaged! An Online, Self-paced Module for Engagement in WPL


Do your WPL partners and student supervisors want to learn more about effectively engaging with CSU in workplace learning (WPL)? If so, this is the module for them and you! Get Engaged is an online resource focused on helping workplace educators make the most of their effort in student supervision through building really good engagement strategies. Take part in the module yourself and also encourage the workplace educators you partner with to engage with it! Upon completion of the module you will be sent a participation certificate.

If you’d like to learn more about WPL and engagement be sure to check out the FREE online subject offered by CSU, Workplace Learning: Theory and Practice (EEL 513). This subject is offered to academics and to practitioners who supervise CSY students in their workplace as part of their university degree. The following flyer provides details about enrolling in the subject: