ePortfolios: Getting Started with Pebble Pad


PebblePad is a web based program available to all staff and students at Charles Sturt University to support the creation of a personal learning space (PLS) and eportfolios.

A personal learning space assists in the process of collecting, selecting, reflecting, interpreting, synthesising, evidencing, and presenting skills, by way of scaffolding the process of creating meaningful assets.

Pebble Pad can be accessed from outside the university and is supported on desktop and mobile devices including the smartphone and tablet computer. The PebblePocket app is also available and allows you to edit and save assets on your device and send them directly to your PebblePad asset store. Upon graduation, students can request an alumni PebblePad account so they can continue to have full access to their portfolios.

We currently use and support version v5, 1602 install.

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